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In the pictures above are some of the tools that are used to understand photography and they range from camera settings to composition and how to imagine the image you want to make.


So you have bought the latest camera and now you want to learn how to take beautiful images that every one will admire. We can help you… 


We explain in simple terms how to use your camera or even how to get better pictures with your mobile phone. The best camera is always the one you’re have with you!


We help you to understand your camera and the basic controls you to understand better to create stunning images. The art of seeing an image before you press the shutter button. It all about making beautiful images instead of taking snapshots. its all about telling a story that creates awesome memories.


Is it difficult to learn? Not at all, all digital cameras work more or less the same way and have similar functions, also If you need help on selecting a good camera to meet your needs you can contact me directly and I will advise you on the best cameras for the type of photography you want to do..


I will cover all the basics plus composition and also how you can edit your images to get even better results.


Give me a call at +27 (082) 570-1555 If you would like to know more about what I offer in the way of easy to understand photographic tutorials.


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